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“There is a certain kind of action that leads to freedom and fulfillment,” Krishna begins. “A certain kind of action that is always aligned with our true nature.” This is the action that is motivated by dharma. This is the action taken in the service of our sacred calling, our duty, our vocation. In dharma, it is possible to take passionate action without creating suffering. It is possible to find authentic fulfillment of all human possibilities.” 
― Stephen CopeThe Great Work of Your Life

photo credit: Lesley Ulrich

danielle duffy

Danielle is the founder and director of elevation studio since 2005.  She creatively and classically teaches both pilates and yoga. She received pilates certification from The Physical Mind Institute for both mat (1999) and apparatus(2011). Registered with Yoga Alliance, Danielle completed both her vinyasa and yin yoga certifications in NYC. She believes a blend of both pilates and yoga is a beautiful and essential combination to one's life, at any level. Combining yin(connective tissue strengthening) with yang(muscle strengthening) for a more balanced  body approach is also necessary in today's modern culture and lifestyle. Core strength, flexibility, fun, and mindfulness are all elements present in her teaching. She is a resident of Block Island, and has enjoyed traveling and teaching in Costa Rica, California, and NYC, during her winters. Danielle can also be found djjing around the island each music is life and celebration. 

gwendolyn alker

Gwendolyn began teaching in New York City in 2000 and at Elevation Studio in 2007. A 200-hour registered Yoga Alliance teacher, she holds certifications from Kripalu and White Lotus and has done additional advance trainings and workshops with a plethora of teachers including Jonathan Fitzgordon (Fitzgordon Method), Amy Ippoliti (formerly Anusara), Elena Brower (Virayoga), John Friend (Anusara), Ana Forrest (Forrest Yoga), Genny Kapuler (Iyengar), Stephen Cope (Kripalu), and Judith Lasater (Restorative Yoga) among others.  She has also studied kinesthetic anatomy with Irene Dowd. Through her fifteen years of practice she has sought to blend an eclectic, compassionate style that encourages exploration of the physical and mental self.  Her classes are playful and inquisitive and seek to guide each student to learn more about their bodies and themselves. A supporter of precision and alignment, Gwendolyn’s classes are suitable both for beginners with injuries, and the experienced practitioner looking to deepen their practice. Since the birth of her son in 2010, she has enjoyed teaching exclusively at Elevation. While not teaching on Block Island, Gwendolyn is a full time faculty member in the Department of Drama at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University.

trey barefoot

Trey's love of the ocean led him to take his teaching to exotic islands and faraway lands, but it was not until he landed on Block Island, Rhode Island that he discovered the magic of stand-up paddle board yoga. He loves connecting with adventurous mermaid & merman spirits and his current passion is to bridge the transformative power of yoga with the iridescent beauty of the ocean. The balance between empowerment & humility is his favorite theme, and Trey's classes aim to support the shedding of the old in order to reveal the playfulness that lies beneath. When he is not at the beach, you can find him playing dance music and relishing a bottle of red wine, full-bodied and bold-- just like him.

jess curto

Jess began doing yoga five years ago while on a surf trip to Bali.  She was suffering from a reoccurring back injury, which led to her introduction to yoga and natural medicine.  After many years of physical therapy, yoga was the first thing to actually heal her injuries.  While Jess began practicing yoga to heal her body, yoga has given her much more.  Yoga has taught her to slow down, be present, breathe, and enjoy each moment with gratitude.  Yoga has become a way of life for her and teaching yoga has become a new passion.  She recently completed her RYS 200 with School Yoga Institute at Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala.   After completing her training she began teaching yoga and surfing at a hostel in Nicaragua, while running an afterschool program for local children and teaching English.  Jess has always loved working with children and believes that children practice yoga every day.  The purpose of yoga and meditation is to live in the moment and be completely present.  This is the natural experience of being a child.  She is super excited to combine her love of working with children and yoga!

susan schuyler

Susan loves teaching a variety of classes from Boot Camp to Spin, Barre, and Pilates to name a few examples.  A student of Sports Management Susan Fun, laughter, happiness, determination is what best describes Susan.  found her way to the fitness field.  Certified in Personal Training, Spin, Group Exercise, Susan loves to bring on the fun and laughter to her classes but also a kick butt attitude. 

Susan is a summer resident on BI during the summer months and lives in NJ during the winter months, where she teaches classes at The End Result Fitness Studio.   She also, enjoys, skiing, sailing, cooking, reading and spending time with her family Greg and Olin.

The energy that Susan brings to the class will knock your socks off!!!

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