Going virtual is something Elevation Studio has wanted to do for a long time.

Being a seasonal studio we say hello and then goodbye to so many beloved practitioners from all over, each year, as the seasons change. When Covid-19 arose and we all shifted into being home almost overnight, the need for a home practice became more important and essential to keep up our health on all levels. We launched ourselves into learning the ways of virtual teaching and chose a platform we could easily live online in. It always takes a little bit of learning and trial and error to dive into this world of technology but finally we are here and welcome you to our online space within Namastream!

We are excited to not only bring you livestream and on demand classes in the membership library, but also enhance your learning with virtual workshops and courses in the future! We hope you find it simple and easy to access the material anywhere and look forward to growing with you in this new way!

In this membership you can choose the format that works for you. By day, week, month or year, you will have access to the live-stream classes (under Events) and our on-demand ever growing library. The live-stream classes will be added after each practice so you can take those classes at your convenience in case you missed the live time.

Thank you for choosing elevation studio as we know there are many options out there. We are so happy to grow with you! May this new space continue to support your practices. In the spirit of support, learning, connection and new ways....many blessings to you!

As of Monday July 6th, all Elevation Studio online classes will be in our virtual studio here:

Check out our new namastream virtual studio:

Click here

May all our practices inspire good health, vitality, peace, and JOY in your life.

We thank you for joining us from both near and far.